• Universal 5.3 Megapixel bottom-mounted TEM Camera: Tengra

    Tengra combines a large, sensitive CCD chip with attractively high readout speed, tapered fiber optics and a perfectly matched phosphor scintillator, to meet the highest quality demands.

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  • TEM Imaging Software: RADIUS

    RADIUS is systematically designed for the requirements and workflows of electron microscopists. The new software sets a standard of excellence with enticingly simple yet intuitive user operation, a range of perfectly-interacting functions and a flexible, modular structure.

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  • 11 Megapixel Side-Mounted TEM Camera: Morada G2

    The Morada G2 is the reinvention of our most successful side-mounted TEM CCD camera of modern electron microscopy. This side-mounted TEM camera offers the best value solution for all TEM image acquisition applications which require an extremely large field of view combined with highest resolution, high frame rates and excellent contrast.

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